Justin Timberlake to Star in Facebook Film?

September 4, 2009 By:
Justin Timberlake to Star in Facebook Film?

Rumor has it Justin Timberlake has just landed himself a new movie role. The film, written by Aaron Sorkin, is about the early days of Facebook, and is based on the novel The Accidental Billionaire.

Columbia greenlit the project last month with a pretty good budget, which is why they probably pursued Justin Timberlake!

Justin is reportedly on board as Sean Parker, the entrepreneur who created Napster and became Facebook’s President when they incorporated in 2004. Jesse Eisenberg will play Mark Zuckerberg, and Andrew Garfield will play the part of Eduardo Saverin, one of the social networking site’s co-founders.

A source says, “…those actors are under consideration and were all present for a table read with [David] Fincher and casting person Laray Mayfield..."

Fight Club director David Fincher is due to start shooting The Social Network next month. Having JT on board will definitely give the film a little boost!