Justin Timberlake Responds to Oscar Buzz

December 13, 2010 By:
Justin Timberlake Responds to Oscar Buzz

There’s so much Oscar buzz surrounding Justin Timberlake’s character in The Social Network. It was a superb movie, but does JT really deserve to be up for a little gold man?

Hollyscoop spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Timberlake at the Yogi Bear premiere, and he told us how he feels about the Oscar buzz—and he talked about an ‘N Sync reunion!!

“I am actually humbled by all of it,” Justin said of the Oscar talk. “I think I’m just excited that people have really responded to the movie in that way.”

Justin went on to praise his director and writer of the film. “It’s a great piece of work by David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin,” JT told us.

“I think all the other actors, their work speaks for them and they’re great people. I feel like regardless of what comes out of the movie at the end of the winter I feel I made some great friends that I really look up to even though I’m older than all of them which kind of depresses me.”

“It’s exciting to know you can be part of something and really make good friends from it,” he added.

Well, if the New York Film Critics have anything to do with it, The Social Network will find themselves in numerous categories at next year’s Oscars. They voted it as the year’s best film!

Switching gears, just because we had Justin in front of us, we had to ask what he thought about a reunion with N’Sync.

Justin joked with us that Lance Bass blames him and his busy schedule for them not getting back into the studio. “Oh yeah, he blamed me,” Justin told us.

Ok, we’ll let it slide for now. But as soon as those Oscars are over, we expect ‘N Sync to get back in that studio!