Justin Timberlake Producing New Reality Show The Phone

March 9, 2009 By:
Justin Timberlake Producing New Reality Show The Phone

Justin Timberlake has decided to get into reality TV with his new project he is executive producing called The Phone. The show, which will premiere next month on MTV, sounds more like a thriller movie than a reality show.

It begins with two cell phones placed at opposite ends of a city. Contestants find the phones and when they answer it, they’re given five seconds to decide if they want to play the game. Each contestant is then prompted to make decisions to go through challenges to win money. They then have to stay in contact with the caller as helicopters watch their every move.

MTV is very excited about their new project, saying, “Genre-busting and reinvention is at the core of what we do, and 'The Phone' does just that. We're turning the reality competition format on its head and plunging the contestants into a real life 'Bourne Identity' -- not just in the tone and creative, but also in terms of the visual style and pacing. Each week will be an action packed mini-movie. When you watch, your heart will pound as hard as the contestants. This is Popcorn TV.”

Finally a reality show that doesn’t sound like everything else out there! Justin is definitely taking a risk by stepping into the reality world, but we think this will be successful. Check out the series premiere Tuesday April 21st on MTV.