Justin Timberlake Launches Career for "Footloose" Star

June 7, 2011 By:
Justin Timberlake Launches Career for

Justin Timberlake can add casting director to the list of things he can do.

The singer/actor/comedian is now a talent scout. Sort of.

When director Craig Brewer was casting the lead role of Ren Mccormack in the new remake of “Footloose,” he asked Justin Timberlake for a recommendation of any dancers he knew that might be able to act.

Justin Timberlake recommended one of his former back up dancers, Kenny Wormald. After stars like Zac Efron and Chase Crawford were considered for the “Footloose” role, they decided to go with JT’s new guy, Wormald.

Wormald stared in the dance flick “Center Stage: Turn It Up” and on the MTV series “Dancelife,” so this remake of Footloose is his first big acting debut.

Brewer tells Hollyscoop, “It was important that we had a new and young and fresh face for Ren Mccormack, that’s who Kevin Bacon was back in the day and we spent forever looking.”

And just like that, Justin Timberlake launches the career of some kid named Kenny Wormald.