Justin Timberlake is Antisocial

October 7, 2010 By:
Justin Timberlake is Antisocial

Justin Timberlake seems like one of those very arrogant people, but it turns out that we have mistaken his shyness with arrogance.

JT claims that he doesn't like to be around other people and he rather be alone because he doesn't like to talk to people and is really shy.

He said: "I'm actually quite shy and prefer to be on my own. I'm not very talkative either. I've always been reserved. In my hometown you only used to be someone if you played football. But all I was interested in was music, so I was an outsider. The others didn't think I was cool."

JT, who only seems to date beautiful women in the industry says that he doesn't care about women's looks and that he looks for comfort and trust.

He explained: "Looks are secondary. I fall in love with a girl because she might have the right attitude towards life. I have to feel comfortable with her and trust her."

We've seen Justin on the red carpet several times and not only has he ignored us, he has ignored our existence to the point that he wouldn't turn around to wave to our cameras while we were screaming out his name so there is definitely a bit of arrogance. Rude.