Justin Timberlake is a Major Diva

July 20, 2011 By:
Justin Timberlake is a Major Diva

Justin Timberlake took diva behavior to a new level this week when he refused to share an elevator with commoners. Because you know, he’s royalty and stuff.

Justin was partying at the Standard Hotel’s rooftop bar after the NYC premiere of his latest movie ‘Friends with Benefits’ on Monday night.

According to E!, he left the party around 1am and asked his security team to clear the area so she can leave in peace. There were a few women in the elevator already who were told to get out because of “maintenance issues.”

Of course there was nothing wrong with the elevator and they didn’t want to tell the girls, ‘oh Justin is a huge diva and doesn’t like to share the elevator with anyone.’

With the ladies out of the way another security guard radioed ahead to tell Justin’s security it was now “clear for Mr. Timberlake to use" and Justin made his way out.

Really? You’re so famous you can’t even share an elevator with someone else?! #getoveryourself.