Justin Timberlake Hits Back At Kanye West Diss

March 11, 2013 By:
Justin Timberlake Hits Back At Kanye West Diss


Did you watch “SNL” this weekend with musical and guest host Justin Timberlake? We did, and we’ve officially drank the Kool-Aid because JT is frickin’ perfect!

Besides Justin’s hysterical performances and pitch perfect music numbers, he also took aim at Kanye West for that “rant” Kanye unleashed on JT and Jay-Z last month.

Kanye West, as he is sometimes known to do, went off on a rant during a concert last month telling the audience, “I’ve got love for HOV, but I’m not down with that Suit and Tie sh*t.”

HOV, was referring to Jay-Z, of course, and “Suit and Tie sh*t” being JT’s song that features a verse from Jay-Z. So Kanye’s not a fan, whatever.

JT decided to send the diss right back to Kanye and during his SNL performance by changing the lyrics of the song from "Aww, s**t so sick, got a hit and picked up a habit" to "my hit's so sick got rappers acting dramatic."


We didn’t originally hear this changed lyric during the show, because we were too busy wondering how JT gets his curly hair so smooth and straight now and we decided that he had it chemically relaxed.

Aside from JT’s Kanye blast, he also hosted a really funny show. He shared the screen with comedy legends Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Dan Aykroyd, he joined up with his “d*ck in a box” co-pilot Andy Samberg as well as reprising his favorite role in “bring it on down to omeletteville” which he changed to “veganville,” while dressed as a cube of tofu.

Watch his performance of “Suit and Tie” below.