Justin Timberlake Gets His Own Marine Ball Invitation

July 13, 2011 By:
Justin Timberlake Gets His Own Marine Ball Invitation

Alright, this is getting ridiculous.

Justin Timberlake uses his Jedi mind tricks on women to get laid, and it's finally backfired on him. He and Mila Kunis have been working hard to promote their new documentary, Friends With Benefits, but guess who's working harder for them? The U.S. Marines.

After Mila Kunis accepted Sgt. Scott Moore's request to go to some ball, Kelsey De Santis, another Marine, has asked out Justin Timberlake. De Santis is stationed in Quantico, Va. and posted her own video asking Timberlake to another Marine Corps Ball that will take place on November 12 in Washington D.C.

Hey, Ashton Kutcher, want to come to my sister's wedding with me? Gerard Butler, care to join me for my company picnic? George Clooney, want to run some errands with me this weekend?

"If you can't go, all I can say is, cry me a river," De Santis says in the video.

Girl, I know you're in the Marines and all, but have you seen Jessica Biel? The woman looks like a linebacker with breasts. I'm not saying she's not gorgeous, but she's intimidatingly huge.

My guess is Justin has to go now, since he called Kunis out on her own invitation. Fox News should be happy. They reported on Kunis' acceptance as, "a welcome reminder that there’s still hope for Hollywood."

Sure, there's hope. As long as you’re d-ck whipped by Justin Timberlake.