Britney Spears And Justin Timberlake Twitter Pic Causes Chaos

July 3, 2012 By:
Britney Spears And Justin Timberlake Twitter Pic Causes Chaos

Britney Spears continues to make headlines as her comeback towards sanity via the “The X Factor” seems to be going well.

And Justin Timberlake, in full-blown wedding planner mode for his pending summer nuptials with longtime girlfriend Jessica Biel, is always a fave with the press.

But for many, even after all these years, it's hard to hear one of their names without, however briefly, thinking of the other – back to the days when it wasn’t Justin or Britney, but Justin AND Britney.

Well the couple is still alive, thriving and tweeting on Twitter. Welcome to @JTBritney who claims “Simply.. I can`t live without Britney n Justin,, they r my angels, my life, my everything...”

And naturally, the profile pic is a snap of the happy couple circa somewhere between 1999-2003. Brit looks healthy and happy, while JT looks pale and a bit boybandish in a doo rag – but they’re still cute together.

The account is made up of tweets and retweets about Justin, tweets and retweets about Britney – you get the gist.

So what separates this fan account from any other? Not much… except the real Justin Timberlake felt the need to engage in a little Twitter tiff with its creator.

Apparently @JTBritney felt the need to tell @jtimberlake that they didn’t approve of his profile picture.

The real Justin replied: "@JTBritney: @jtimberlake, honestly I don`t like ur profil pic,," I don't like yours either... Lol.”

Which caused a little flutter of fans who thought he was digging on Brit Brit.

Even Adam Levine felt the need to jump in on it, (maybe he feels personal ties to the equation as a coworker of former Mouseketeer Christina Aguilera?) with:

“@jtimberlake @JTBritney twitter angst. #disengage!”

Hmmm, hey Adam, why don’t you move like Jagger right out of this feed, okay?

Anyway, JT, always a gentlemen, quickly clarified his intent:

"@Balletdancer6: @jtimberlake i don't... Listen to this one, you guys. I have the utmost respect for Britney! It's the pic I'm cracking on.”

So there you go, he might still have a bit of love for Britney, but he def is done with lame-ass head gear. Both bad and then good news for his future wife.