Amanda Seyfriend Has a Serious Crush on Justin Timberlake

November 1, 2011 By:
Amanda Seyfriend Has a Serious Crush on Justin Timberlake

Even though Justin Timberlake has been seen getting cozy with his ex-girlfriend but recent flame Jessica Biel, that isn’t stopping Amanda Seyfried from gushing over her “In Time” co-star.

The two actors star opposite one another in the new action thriller “In Time,” where they play lovers once Timberlake takes Seyfried’s character hostage.

Seyfried told Bang Showbiz at the films UK premiere, “Oh yeah of course I fancy Justin, I've known him for a while, he's awesome.”

Then she goes on to compliment his singing, which doesn’t even seem like a topic that would come up when discussing an action film.

“We didn't have any sing-a-longs on set but he does sing a lot. I don't sing when I'm around Justin, I'd be too embarrassed because he's so talented. He was singing Cee Lo Green a lot,” admits Seyfried.

So it’s obvious that Seyfried wants to bone Timberlake (if they haven’t already).

But the compliment party doesn’t stop there.

“He's awesome,” says Seyfried, “he's really fun and professional, just the perfect co-star. He made it all easier.”

Omigod, we get it! JT is perfect, awesome and a talented singer, especially when he hums Cee Lo Green songs on set. Does Seyfried have a statement ready for when JT inevitably hosts SNL again? Probably.

Maybe she wants to get her “glowing reviews” in there early, so when Justin is back on the market she can be like “remember when I said those nice things about you?”

After lauding Justin and making it seem like she’s got a crush on the dude, she explains that the chemistry onscreen may have spilled over into real life.

“In the movie our characters have this instant connection. They immediately flirt and it's awesome but then he takes her hostage because that's the only way he sees to get out of this situation he's in. And then she's confused and their dynamic changes and it's sexy and great,” explain Seyfried.

Blah blah blah. Let’s get back to talking about how great Justin Timberlake is.

Oh here’s a gem. Seyfried says that since it’s an action film, she spends a lot of the movie running. You know, running in heels, wearing dresses and touting guns, typical hot-girl-in-action-movie-stuff. But she says when one of the stunts got too difficult, it was Justin who saved the day. Awww

“He saved my life while I was running in six-inch YSL heels.”

Ok JT, put this chick out of her misery and give her a shout out in your next interview with GQ, at least.