Justin & Nicole's Upcoming Albums

July 19, 2006 By:

These are the upcoming album covers for Nicole Richie and Justin Timberlake...watch out Paris and K-Fed...lol

According to Pop Dirt For her upcoming debut album, Nicole Richie has a few tricks up her sleeve. Nicole has been recording this album for nearly two years and the album is finally near completion. However the first single has yet to be recorded. Why? Rumor has it that Nicole has personally asked Justin's Ex Britney Spears to guest on the track. The tentative title is, 'Salsa Salsa,' which is one of Nicole's catch phrases from 'The Simple Life'. Nicole's album is due later this summer.

Justin Timberlake is singing a different tune...I can't get enough of his new single "SexyBack". The album, set for a September 12, 2006 release, was co-written and co-produced by Timberlake, with production credits also going to JAWBreakers, Timbaland, and Rick Rubin. Timberlake will take off on an international promo tour in July. Wanna hear the song? Click here