will.i.am Worried For Justin Bieber

April 1, 2013 By:
will.i.am Worried For Justin Bieber

In this week’s edition of “First World Problems” Will.i.am is worried about Justin Bieber, because Bieber is TOO FAMOUS and that is a bad thing, apparently. You know what’s also a bad thing? Being homeless, being sick, and being in jail. Those all suck too, but being a child star is SO HARD, Bieber you have our sympathy (no you don't).

Rapper turned producer turned what-is-he-now Will.i.am told the Daily Telegraph that Bieber is really struggling lately.

“It’s dangerous to be a child star,” says Will, “If you have good parents, you’ll be all right. Justin’s mom is great.”

So Justin will be fine because Pattie Mallette is a supermom. We're so relieved. Speaking of, have you seen the movie Pattie's been pimping out? It’s called Don’t have an abortion because your kid might get famous one day Crescendo.

Anyways, the latest news in the Bieber breakdown is that he just adopted or bought a monkey, we’re not sure of the logistics in owning monkeys, all we know is that Michael Jackson had a pet monkey and look what happened to him.

Bieber tried to smuggle the capuchin monkey into Germany but didn’t have the proper documentation, so the monkey was held in quarantine while Bieber left to go perform in Munich.

So far Bieber hasn’t tweeted about the monkey since it was detained, so clearly he abandoned it, just like he did with his pet hamster PAC when he gave it to a fan outside a concert.

The truth is harsh, Beliebers.