The Wanted: Justin Bieber is So Cheap!

June 25, 2013 By:
The Wanted: Justin Bieber is So Cheap!

Justin Bieber is a brat. If you spend 10 seconds on his Instagram account, chances are you'd realize he’s the worst. 

But now we aren’t the only ones saying it. The dudes from The Wanted, who are like god’s gift to chill-kind, just confirmed that Justin Bieber is a cheap a*s who won’t pay a skydiving instructor for a $1000 lesson, nor will he buy you a beer.

That’s your ex-boyfriend Selena Gomez. You did good girl. Real good. 

So, The Wanted were telling a story about how Justin wanted to give them a song to record and asked if he could meet them somewhere in the UK. The story unfolds as follows:

“[Justin calls us] at the time we were in like an underground pub in Covent Garden and thought, ‘we can’t bring Justin Bieber here, oh s***, shall we just go somewhere nice?’ Nathan Sykes told The Mirror.

“But he insisted to join us. He turned up and bought himself a beer - but he didn't buy me one, the little so-and-so,” adds Nathan.

We’re assuming “the little so-and-so” is code for, “that cheap trick.”

But just in case the dudes were afraid they offended Bieber, they added that the song Justin played for them was awesome.

“The song is actually really good, Justin is a really good writer,” says Tom Parker.

Well, that totally makes up for calling Justin a cheapo. Totally.