The Wanted: Justin Bieber Parties Harder Than We Do

March 18, 2013 By:
The Wanted: Justin Bieber Parties Harder Than We Do


For all of Justin Bieber’s 12-year-old fans who still think he’s your “idol” or “imaginary boyfriend,” you better rethink your priorities. Justin Bieber is 19-years-old and can apparently drink like a tank and out-party a group of five hooligans from the UK who grew up drinking beer out of their baby bottles. Presumably. 

The Wanted, who regularly show up in the tabloids photographed completely hammered just admitted that Justin Bieber parties harder than they do.

“We spent time with Justin Bieber recently, we partied with him when he came to London, he can party a lot. He showed us up,” Tom Parker of The Wanted told the Daily Mail.

Okay, let’s put this into perspective. The Wanted party with Lindsay Lohan, they talk about being drunk constantly and Justin can OUT PARTY them? Wow. Just, wow.

Speaking of Lindsay. Tom just shot down any possibility that she’s still hooking up with Max George, but did say that she’s welcome to stop by their Hollywood Hills pad that they are about to inhabit.

“We all get on so well with Lindsay, she’s a great girl. We all have a lot of fun with her and even if things aren’t going on between her and Max she will be coming around to our house to party, absolutely.”

Oh side note: The dudes are filming a reality TV show which will document their US takeover, and by US takeover, we mean, them blacking out at various bars in Hollywood.