VIDEO Parody: Justin Bieber Throws Up Rainbows and Ponies

October 2, 2012 By:
VIDEO Parody: Justin Bieber Throws Up Rainbows and Ponies

Over the weekend Justin Bieber threw up on stage and it was hilarious. I’m just kidding it was really sad. But do you know what was hilarious? These parody videos that show Bieber vomiting unicorns and rainbows. I cannot make this sh-t up.

Bieber claims he chugged too much milk at his concert pregame (rigggghhht, milk) and says it was the milk he was hurling up, but Jimmy Kimmel begged to differ.

Last night during Jimmy Kimmel’s show he tried to explain what it could possibly be that Bieber was throwing up and cut away to this video, which showed Bieber throwing up rainbows and flowers! Awww!

If that tickles your funny bone, you’re gonna lose it when you see this next video.

Some YouTube based news channel “NMA TV” - based out of Taiwan - posts news stories that are completely computer generated and they’ve just released a CGI version of Bieber’s vomiting incident.

Not only did they animate green chunks of vomit, but at one point the English subtitles said that the audience was “overjoyed” and Bieber started hurling unicorns out over the stage from his mouth!

Then, an animated bottle of Gatorade and bag of Cheetos got into a fist fight inside Bieber’s stomach. This video is NO JOKE.

Watch the weirdness unfold here: