Video: Justin Bieber Gets Angry At His Fans

June 21, 2012 By:

Uh oh, this is a side of Justin Bieber we’ve NEVER seen. The usually fan-friendly pop star got a little ticked off by fans while waiting for Selena Gomez at the Toronto Airport.

Bieber sat on a railing at the arrival terminal when a group of fans harassed him, bugged him for autographs, snapped photos, asked for his hand in marriage, you know the usual.

Usually, Bieber is gracious, but this time the crowds seemed to be a bit much for him.

When someone kept pestering him, he turned and announced, “Do I not have any right as a human being to sit and wait for my girlfriend?”

The person holding the camera continued to egg him on, Bieber snapped back, “You say you’re really my fans, why do you do this? I’ve had a long day too. I don’t have to be nicer, you guys are in my face!”

Bieber’s body guard kept trying to deflect the fans while Bieber just sat with his back to them.

Hey, I ‘aint mad at him. Bieber loves his fans, but sometimes a pop star just wants to sit on ledge at the Toronto airport and wait for his girlfriend’s plane to arrive. He’s human too! Stop shoving your iPhone into his face!

Eventually when Selena arrived from her flight, Bieber greeted the waiting fans. He was smiling and acting like nothing happened.

Maybe he was just distracting fans so his girlfriend wouldn’t get mobbed by these same pesky people.