Vanilla Ice Says Justin Bieber Will Soon Be "Forgotten"

July 21, 2011 By:
Vanilla Ice Says Justin Bieber Will Soon Be

Vanilla Ice says Justin Bieber will soon be "forgotten" Vanilla Ice is trying to stay relevant by comparing himself to Justin Bieber.

If you were born after 1993, you probably have no idea who Vanilla Ice is. If you only did a google-image search for Vanilla Ice you might think that Vanilla Ice rides BMX bikes or smokes meth professionally.

In a nutshell, Vanilla Ice was a one-hit wonder in 1989 and since then has been a professional shit-show.

Vanilla Ice talks to The Huffington Post and says that Justin Bieber's fame isn't going to last very long, just like his own didn't, “I mean, I did 'Ice Ice Baby' when I was 16. So I can kind of relate a bit. Sold over a hundred million records. And I had a weekend that lasted about three years, and I didn't know who I was, what's my purpose in life,” Vanilla Ice explains.

Of Bieber's possible future, “You know, then something else new will come along and he'll [Bieber] be forgotten and he can try to put all the pieces back together, so it's going to be entertaining to watch.”

This is probably very true, once people stop caring about Bieber he's going to have to get arrested, pick up an addiction or appear on “Dancing With The Stars” in order to stay relevant.

Wait a minute, why was the Huffington Post interviewing Vanilla Ice?