Shirtless Justin Bieber Release New Song Online

February 11, 2013 By:
Shirtless Justin Bieber Release New Song Online

Justin Bieber attempted to stage a live chat with fans today during the Grammys, but the live-stream didn’t load and left Bieber frustrated (sexually?) so instead he released a new song for the fans. 

The song starts off with, “It’s Justin…Bieber” which we think was a nod to an old Justin Timberlake song, “Senorita” maybe?

The song is swaggy and actually has a ton of JT influence much like Bieber’s song “Boyfriend.”

Justin swags out to the song like it isn’t his own song (so vain) and then he’s joined by his little sister Jazmin and Jaxon who are a couple of adorable mini-Bieber babies.

Also, Justin is shirtless for the entire duration of the video. So that’s happening…ladies.

What do you think of Justin’s new song? It’s a nice departure from all the acoustic stuff he’s been doing lately, that’s for sure.