Unknowing Fans Audition To Dance On Justin Bieber's Tour

August 1, 2012 By:
Unknowing Fans Audition To Dance On Justin Bieber's Tour

It started out like just another day in the world ruled by Justin Bieber. That is, until he showed up unannounced to a room full of his fans…

Hundreds of dancers gathered for their shot at a place on an upcoming tour. The only thing is that they didn’t know whose tour they were auditioning for and then, Justin Bieber walked into the studio, making everybody's jaws drop.

As you can image, Twitter lit up like a nuclear warhead doused in gasoline.

Katie Baines’ tweet set off a chain of tweets from the equally shocked attendees.

Alexis Gilbert managed to maintain a sense of humor despite the alarming surprise, tweeting that she had a hard time concentrating on not passing out, let alone her dance moves.

Tweeted photos of the scene demonstrated the chaos that went down at the audition.

Justin Bieber thanked all the “incredible talented” dancer hopefuls for showing their efforts.

Justin’s choreographer Nick DeMoura was also present at the audition. In addition to thanking the dancers, DeMoura tweeted a new video of Justin’s song “Love Me Like You Do” that featured the dance moves he assembled for the tryouts.