'Toddlers & Tiaras' Star Has Thoughts of Killing Justin Bieber

April 25, 2012 By:
'Toddlers & Tiaras' Star Has Thoughts of Killing Justin Bieber

“Toddler & Tiaras,” the TLC show famous for parading around children with future social issues, is now featuring a young girl who would very much like to kill Justin Bieber.

In a newly released promotional clip from an upcoming episode, Bridgett - a five-year-old from Elkville, Illinois - gives an on camera interview explaining all the things that she enjoys killing.

“I like to kill the worms. I like to kill grasshoppers. I like to kill bees,” Bridgett explains. She concluded the list with, “I like to kill Justin Bieber.”

The fair-haired kindergartener dreams of growing up to one day become an exterminator. It appears Bridgett’s mother has yet to inform her that when you’re dealing with humans, the term is “assassin” and it’s actually illegal.

In the promo clip, the toddler is shown stomping around the outdoor property of her Illinois home, wearing a purple hat and a dirt colored Carhartt onesie, a combination fit for any redneck.

Bridgett’s mother Amanda follows along - somewhat reluctantly – helping tip over toys and a plastic playhouse in search of insects for the young beauty pageant contestant to kill.

“All the money that we win from pageants, we put to a college fund,” Amanda explains. “I just hopes she chooses to be a doctor and save lives, instead of being an exterminator where she takes lives.”

There’s no real attempt to address the potentially concerning statement of wanting to murder the teen pop star in the promo. Perhaps the full episode will explore the peculiar claim further.

For now, Justin Bieber can rest safely knowing there’s about a billion other five-year-olds standing in Bridgett’s way, who would die just to protect him.

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