The Selfie Justin Bieber Doesn’t Want You To See

August 5, 2013 By:
The Selfie Justin Bieber Doesn’t Want You To See

Artisanal selfie maker, Justin Bieber is no stranger to getting shirtless and then turning the camera on himself.

While lying out, the singer organized a little personal Vogue photo shoot with himself, his extended arm putting his newly completed sleeve tattoo on display.

He captioned the selfie: “Sun and relaxation,” while grimacing in a totally unrelaxed fashion.

Then he deleted it.


Why would he delete the photo, only to later replace it with another image that looks identical, save for this giant wicker hat?

After perusing the deleted evidence, like we’re characters on CSI: Bieberville, let’s note the noticeable red mark, which looks like a cut on Justin’s forehead, taken just 15 hours ago.

As we reported, Justin allegedly got into a “bloody brawl” on Saturday at a New York nightclub and maybe the pop star didn't want to offer anyone proof of the fight. So he deleted it cover this up with a hat to keep anyone from making the connection—except we’re making the connection.

Or it could just be a bug bite.

Or maybe he just saw Nick Jonas’ shirtless selfie from last week and was like, "Delete. No way I'm competing with that."

Yeah, it was probably that.