Selena Gomez's Secret Backstage Justin Bieber Performance

June 20, 2012 By:

Justin Bieber performed on June 18 at the Apollo theater in New York City but what no one in the audience could see was that Justin's girlfriend Selena Gomez was sitting in the wings singing along to every word of Justin’s new song “Be Alright.”

“Be Alright” is a new ballad off Bieber’s “Believe” album that he supposedly wrote FOR Selena. To see her secretly hiding out backstage and mouthing every word to the song makes it 100x cuter.

What have you done for your boyfriend lately?

We have the video of Selena’s adorable sing-along thanks to a devoted Belieber in the audience with a iPhone. The fan was filming the Biebs when they noticed Selena sitting behind the wings and immediately changed focus.

Some of the lyrics to the song give a very telling look into the popstars romance.

“Waiting for your phone call to come soon/And for you I would walk a thousand miles/To Be in your arms/Holding my heart.”

It seems like this couple deals with the long-distance thing a lot.

The best part about this Selena-Sing-Along video is all the comments.

“This is actually the cutest thing ever! It makes me love Justin and Selena together cutest video!” “This is so lovely” and also, some fans who refer to them by their couple name, “So beautiful! I like Jelena..Is so cute.”

I had no idea we were calling them Jelena now.