Selena Gomez Should Be Fearing For Her Life

November 4, 2011 By:
Selena Gomez Should Be Fearing For Her Life

This is more serious than the fact that Selena Gomez’s boyfriend may have a Bieber Jr. with another woman. Selena Gomez has a freaky stalker who claims that he wants to kill her.

A lot of celebrities have stalkers, weird fans that show up to celebs houses and have shrines and stuff, but Selena Gomez’s stalker, Thomas Brodnicki might be posing a serious threat to her life.

According to Detective Jose Viramontes of LAPD who is working on the case says that he interviewed Brodnicki on October 13 and that Brodnicki told him that “he had many conversations with God about killing Ms. Gomez.” Brodnicki also told a shrink he was going to kill Gomez.

According to the detective, Brodnicki is from Illinois and he came out to Los Angeles to meet Selena. Very scary.

Selena Gomez currently has a temporary restraining order out on the guy, but she petitioned to have it turned into a permanent order and was granted an order that demands that the stalker keep away from her for the next 3 years. Brodnicki, who has a history of criminal stalking pled not guilty to stalking yesterday. He is currently being held on $150,000 bail.

The guy is seriously creepy. In a video filmed by TMZ in the courtroom yesterday, the stalker kept making eerie faces at the TMZ camera. It was very Hannibal Lecter-y and totally unsettling. At one point his lawyer turned around and whispered something to him, hopefully he was telling him to quit acting like a psycho.

When the judge was listing all the actions he must not engage in with Selena Gomez and listing the terms of his restraining order, Brodnicki covered his mouth in mock horror.

The restraining order isn’t completely permanent until the stalker and Gomez’s lawyers go to court. Even though he poses a severe threat to Gomez, he’s currently in jail but nothing will be set in stone until he has his day in court. So she’s only semi protected. Who knows if he’ll post bail or stay in jail.

Apparently this guy became a problem for Selena in July.

In the midst of the courtroom drama, Selena is staying out of LA. She headed to LAX yesterday to jet off to Ireland to host the MTV EMA’s which will air from Belfast, Ireland this Sunday.

If the guy is convicted he could face up to 3 years in prison. He is due back in court on November 16.