See Justin Bieber Steals Someone’s Bike

November 8, 2013 By:
See Justin Bieber Steals Someone’s Bike
Image By: FameFlyNet / Xande Nolasco

Justin Bieber is officially THE WORST, just THE WORST.

That punk-a*s kid just added another weak stunt to his list of douchey accomplishments.

Security footage has finally (yes FINALLY!) surfaced from Bieber’s stint in Vegas in September in which he’s spotted stealing a securityguard's bike, going for a joy ride, and then immediately getting accosted by casino security and forced to give the bike back, like a little baby.

In the video, when Bieber hands back the bike, he tries to play it cool like “oh yeah, I was done riding it anyways.”

Bieber hands over the stolen goods and does that stupid swagger walk he always does as he pulls out his phone to presumably text one of the chicks on his roster, “Yo girl, u up? I just stole a bike!”