Rep Denies Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Engagement

December 8, 2011 By:
Rep Denies Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Engagement

Calm down, Beliebers, your leader has not committed himself to Selena Gomez for life.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez got everyone riled up when Gomez was photographed wearing a diamond ring on her engagement finger on Wednesday. And man, Justin Bieber fans are good. Because I’m pretty sure no one else would’ve noticed the ring in this photograph. These guys must study every picture of Justin like it's a Where's Waldo cartoon.

Anyway, rumors were immediately sparked, but Gomez’s rep told Us Weekly:

“She is not engaged.”

Ironically, Justin and Selena are hanging out in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to celebrate a wedding. Gomez is serving a bridesmaid in her friend Shannon Larossi’s wedding. Larossi is a costume designer and she and Gomez met on the Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place. I almost forget Selena Gomez was a Disney kid. Probably because she doesn’t have a drug addiction and/or hasn’t dated Wilmer Valderrama (yet).

So no, Bieber hasn’t proposed to Gomez, but who knows what the future holds? In September, the singer told Women’s Wear Daily:

“If the time is right, I definitely want to be married by 25. [But] I'm not looking to get married now."

But speaking of settling down and making babies, whatever happened to that paternity suit? The whole thing seemed to fizzle out, with the last big news being that Mariah Yeater’s ex, Robbie Powell, claiming he’s the baby daddy. Apparently, he was shopping several media outlets to tell his story. Nothing yet though.

Then, apparently there’s a video of Mariah Yeater doing drugs. Star magazine obtained the video, and they claim that in it, Yeater says “We’re about to get high!” before her and her friends smoke marijuana.

Marijuana? I thought they said drugs? Kidding, I'm kidding! Great. Now I'll never be able to run for president.

Anyway, Bieber has been busy promoting his Christmas album, Under The Mistletoe.

“My fans really want to hear a lot of new music and they haven’t,” Bieber explained. “And I knew my new album wouldn’t be done by the end of Christmas, so I wanted to give them some new music to listen to. And I think its fun. Christmas songs are fun.”

On the album, Beiber has a duet with Mariah Carey, and it’s her original, All I Want For Christmas Is You. Carey said of the collaboration:

“I think a lot of you are already surprised by this [collaboration],” Carey said. “The song sounds great. I’m very excited for everybody to hear it this Christmas, and to be totally festive with our festive collabo.”