Remembering Justin Bieber’s Dead Hamster

March 13, 2013 By:
Remembering Justin Bieber’s Dead Hamster
Image By: Instagram

What’s the perfectly awful way to end the “worst week ever”? Have your pet hamster die, duh…

Justin Bieber has found himself on the butt end of a whole pile of bad press in recent weeks. And, today, we learn that his best friend and furry cohort PAC the hamster has died.

As a result fans and pet lovers are reaching out from across the web to wish their condolences.

In December, Justin, unable to cope with the responsibilities of parenthood anymore, gifted the hamster to a random fan and aspiring singer named Tori McClure.

As you can expect, fans have since accused McClure of critter murder.  But PAC fans quickly came to her defense.

“Tori was the best mom PAC could of ever had! She loved him so much! How dare you try and say she killed him!” one tweeter twerped.

On Tuesday night, McClure herself wrote: “They say PAC probably won't make it much longer. He's like an old man. My feelings couldn't be more hurt ):”

Then the final word: “I just wish he could get better. One final picture! He was OUR baby & @justinbieber I still can't thank u enough.”

A Tumblr memorial has been set up in PAC’s honor (#RIP).