Poor Hot Guys That Can't Even Afford a Shirt

July 3, 2014 By:
Poor Hot Guys That Can't Even Afford a Shirt
Image By: Instagram

These poor guys must be having a real hard time with their careers. If their Instagrams are anything to go by, they probably don’t even have enough money to buy themselves a shirt. So hot but so poor, apparently. :(

1. Justin Bieber’s career has taken such a negative turn, he can’t even get dressed these days. :(


2. We’ll know Ricky Martin has a hit single again when he starts putting on clothes. :(


3. Poor James Franco, he can’t even pull himself out of bed. :(


4. Trey Songz has a new album out, but he hasn’t owned a shirt in years, it seems. :(


5. Tyson Beckford has like, no money to spend on clothes, we’re guessing. :(


6. We'll know when Kendrick Sampson has hit the big time when he can add a few shirts to his wardrobe. :(


7. The Austin Mahone apple doesn’t fall far from the Justin Bieber tree. :(


8. Jax Taylor may need to borrow some clothes. And money. :(