Photos of Justin Bieber Weed Party at Mansion

March 29, 2013 By:
Photos of Justin Bieber Weed Party at Mansion
Image By: Splash News

Can we just say that Justin Bieber loves weed and get on with our lives already?

Still don’t believe us? Well, here’s some more evidence that Bieber and blunts are a better pair than Calvin and Hobbes. While he was out, a “rager” went down at his Calabasas compound that reportedly stretched into the wee hours of the morning.

TMZ has photos of the shenanigans. Basically there was a lot of weed, a lot of weed smoke and not much responsibility.

Party details include:

    1. A hookah, packed to the brim with the pungent flavors of Mary Jane.
    2. Hookah supplies — tin foil, hoses, you name it…
    3. Billowing weed smoke.
    4. Tons of girls (about 40).
    5. A couple dudes.
    6. Two dozen empty beer bottles.
    7. Assorted liquors.
    8. One a$$hole friend that sold everyone out.

The party reportedly went down on March 19.

According to the gossip outlet, it was Justin’s mischievous sidekick Lil Twist who was responsible for the carnival du cannabis. You’ll remember the name “Lil Twist” from just about any time the “As Long As You Love Me” crooner has found himself in a tabloid mess lately, from the initial weed scandal to the high speed Ferrari pursuit that left a photog dead.

Justin, just embrace your stoner-ness already… Either that, or it’s time to start investing in some better-behaved besties. Maybe Taylor Swift’s available.