Paparazzo Involved In Justin Bieber Chase Has History Of Aggression On Job

July 30, 2012 By:

The paparazzo who has been charged for his involvement in a the high speed highway chase endangering the lives of the general populace, and perhaps more importantly, Justin Bieber, reportedly has a history of being a hothead.

Photographer Paul Raef is apparently super committed to getting the shot, regardless of consequence.

Raef has been charged four counts of reckless driving after a July 6 incident that involved Biebs and his interpretation of the Batmobile, some other cars, and a pursuit of speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour on a Los Angeles freeway.

TMZ has more details regarding Raef’s past of volatility while on the job.

Paparazzo Charged In Justin Bieber Highway Pursuit

In 2010, Raef got all sorts of agro after another paparazzo blew one of his shots of the supermodel and hostess with the German mostess Heidi Klum.
After the incident, Raef allegedly chased the other man through traffic, at some point blocking his car. Then he got out, approached the driver side window, and allegedly punched the other man square in the face.

After the totally unnecessary beat down, Raef was served with a temporary restraining order. But no sort of formal chargers were pursued by the other shutterbug who seemingly just chose to move on.

This new evidence supports “a pattern of engaging in reckless behavior on the road," which could effect what goes down during his next appearance in court on August 9.

Take a deep breath and a vacation dude, or, maybe for the sake of your blood pressure you should just find another line of work.