Oprah: Justin Bieber Should Be Getting More Play

November 20, 2012 By:
Oprah: Justin Bieber Should Be Getting More Play


If you’re one of the 67 gazillion tweens writing “Mrs. Justin Bieber” over and over again in your diary, then I’ve got some bad news…you may have to wait a while.

Justin Bieber, the man teenager who has been adamant of his plans to marry by the age of 25, might be putting off nuptials for a while. The new development comes after a patronizing lecture the 18-year-old got from Oprah, so you have her to thank, kids…

“I think 25's too young, actually. I really do — and particularly for you,” Oprah says in the clip. “Your whole 20s is about discovering who you really are.”

The television talk queen sits across from the boy wonder, who during the interview munches awkwardly on a plate of French fries. 

She adds, “You owe that to yourself, particularly because of the business that you're in [where there's] not a lot of self-discovery time because so much is already defined for you.”

Translation: “Justin, Justin, Justin… You travel all over the world. Screaming girls throw themselves at you. You have the pick of the litter… Do I need to spell it out for you?”

It’s exactly the boy band kind of a** that Vince Vaughn is talking about in Old School and Justin is passing it up!

Justin seemed to agree:

“You are Oprah and you're telling me to not get married when I'm 25, so I should probably listen to you,” he responds.

Our in-house Bieber expert—back from assignment—saw the interview and thought that Justin truly took Oprah’s advice to heart.

“I think he's going to use this whole break-up, make-up thing as a learning experience,” the expert added. “I think he’ll go for something more like 30 [to marry].”

Meanwhile, Justin and Selener seem to be on the road to recovery. Following their secret encounter at the AMAs afterparty, the couple reportedly dined together at Benihana in Encino, California. 

Justin’s interview with Oprah airs on the Own network on November 25.

Check out the interview clip here: