NUDE PHOTOS of Justin Bieber Surface!

October 11, 2012 By:
NUDE PHOTOS of Justin Bieber Surface!

Hallelujah! The day has finally come!

Following the news that Justin Bieber’s laptop and camera were stolen, a photo allegedly of the naked 18-year-old superstar have been leaked on the Internet.

No, you haven’t entered an alternate dimension… Naked photos (supposedly) of THE Justin Bieber are available for your viewing pleasure…

The main photo – and the star of the naked escapade – shows what appears to be the “Boyfriend” singer facing the camera with his right hand gripping his hopefully 18-year-old uncircumcised man unit.

While the Biebs face is cut out from the shot, here’s why we think the photo is actually Justin:

First off is the bird tattoo on Justin’s hip. Second is the environment of a dark tour bus - A possible long distance exchange with Selena. Also, the photo surfaced just a day after Justin’s laptop was stolen...

As Hollyscoop previously reported, a series of Justin's tweets from Wednesday detailed how personal items were stolen from the singer during a performance in Washington.

According to Bieber himself a camera and laptop were jacked, including “a lot of personal footage.”

Now, to be fair, on the other side of the fence there are a series of other key details that seem to back the claim that the naked teen is NOT actually Justin…

For instance, the “Believe” tattoo on his inner left arm is absent in the shot. However, the photo was reportedly snapped 10 months ago, prior to the release of the Believe album that coincided with the body art.

Some sources are even reporting that the belly button in the shot and Justin’s real life belly button don’t match.

Another detail hurting the chances of these photos being the real deal is the fact that, according to celebrity site The Frisky, the photos were not taken from the stolen laptop, but were instead previously available earlier on Tumblr.

JB has yet to address the matter on Twitter.

Hollyscoop has reached out to Justin’s rep for response on the photos and is currently waiting on a response.