New Justin Bieber Credit Card Will Cost Parents

January 4, 2013 By:
New Justin Bieber Credit Card Will Cost Parents


Justin Bieber’s bizarre power over teenage girls has just been harnessed as a way to suck more money from the parents of pre-teens, because they weren’t spending enough on Bieber concert tickets to begin with.

Bieber has just been hired to promote a pre-paid bankcard. This bank card is not-so-subtly named SpendSmart card.

Why don’t they just call it

Anyways, it’s a reloadable debit card for kids who aren’t old enough to have a bank account, but here’s the’s a pretty shady deal.

The card features a monthly fee of $3.95, plus loading charges, ATM withdrawal fees and a charge to check how much money is left on the card. The only thing they DON’T charge you for is to spend the money on the card.

The spokesperson for the says, “Justin Bieber is a smart, motivated and socially conscious artist who actively works to have a positive social influence on his tens of millions of fans worldwide.”

Back in 2010, the Kardashian women signed up to promote a similar pre-paid card deal with MasterCard called the Kardashian Kard, but the only person who could afford to use the card would have to be said Kardashian, with it’s ridiculous $100 loading fees. 

Anyway, Bieber better read the fine print before he drains the bank accounts of his loyal fanbase.