Mojo Reacts To Justin Bieber's HANG UP On Phone Interview

June 29, 2012 By:
Mojo Reacts To Justin Bieber's HANG UP On Phone Interview

Last week Justin Bieber had a drama filled moment at the Toronto airport when a bunch of fans tried to approach him and he reacted by getting a little pissy.

Anyway, there’s more evidence that the Biebs isn’t the precious little pop prince we thought he was.

Bieber did a call-in phone interview with Detroit radio personality Mojo in the Morning when Bieber got heated and hung-up during the interview. Here’s what went down.

Things started heading south when Mojo tried to pay Justin a compliment.

Mojo said that when he heard Justin Bieber’s song “Boyfriend” for the first time he thought it was so good, he thought he was listening to a new Justin Timberlake song.

To which Justin responded, “Man, that’s crazy because our voices sound nothing alike.”

While most artists would probably kill to have Justin Timberlake’s career, Mojo asked Bieber, “Do you not take that as a compliment?”

Justin wasn’t thrilled when he answered, “Saying I sound like someone else is not really a compliment. Saying I heard some Justin Timberlake-esque things is a compliment but saying I just sound like Justin Timberlake is not really a compliment….I want my own lane, I don’t want to be compared.”

Alright Bieber, calm down. Hollyscoop talked to Mojo who told us, “I don’t know if he misunderstood, but I more than once said ‘take it as a compliment.’”

Luckily, Mojo got the interview back on track…temporarily.

Bieber is pals with the boys of One Direction and since everyone knows that Harry Styles of 1D likes to date older women, Mojo jokingly asked Bieber if he’s afraid to let Harry near his mom.

Bieber paused and then cracked, “No, but you should worry about me and your mom.”

And then things got awkward when Mojo told the pop prince, “Justin, my mom's dead, so unfortunately it wouldn’t work.”

And then Justin hangs up the phone! After Mojo dropped the bomb about his mom, there was just silence on the other end.

A rep for Bieber’s record company got on the line and allegedly tried to call Justin back and claimed that the phone “cut-out” because Bieber had bad “cell reception.” Riggghht.

Mojo told us that since the hang-up, there have been no attempts by Bieber or his management to call back the station to resume the interview or to apologize for the “bad reception.”

“I don’t know if we’ll have him on the show again. If we don’t it’s his own doing,” say Mojo.

So anyways, Bieber has two incidences against him recently that prove he’s got a bit of a bad attitude. You still love him, Beliebers?