Mojo NOT Suspended Over Bieber Call Despite Reports

July 3, 2012 By:
Mojo NOT Suspended Over Bieber Call Despite Reports

Last week, Justin Bieber did a radio interview with Detroit radio personality “Mojo in the Morning” and when the conversation went in a direction that Bieber wasn’t cool with, the popstar hung up the phone on the show’s host Mojo!

Anyway, rumors started circling that Mojo was suspended after the failed interview with Bieber! The interview happened on Friday and by Monday morning, the show was airing material from the show’s archives!

Did they suspend Mojo!? Because Bieber hung up on the interview?! Does Justin Bieber really have that kind of power!!!!???

Well, fear not Detroit area radio listeners! Mojo was not suspended over the Bieber interview, but rather, he’s just on vacation and will return to the airways on July 9!

“Sorry if I made anyone think I’m suspended,” Mojo wrote on twitter, “I’m really on vacation.”

Also, the interview with Bieber was originally posted on the radio show’s website, but has since been removed, “at the request of Justin Bieber’s management.”

Here’s what happened during the interview on Friday:

Things started heading south when Mojo tried to pay Justin a compliment.

Mojo said that when he heard Justin Bieber’s song “Boyfriend” for the first time he thought it was so good, he thought he was listening to a new Justin Timberlake song.

To which Justin responded, “Man, that’s crazy because our voices sound nothing alike.”

While most artists would probably kill to have Justin Timberlake’s career, Mojo asked Bieber, “Do you not take that as a compliment?”

Justin wasn’t thrilled when he answered, “Saying I sound like someone else is not really a compliment. Saying I heard some Justin Timberlake-esque things is a compliment but saying I just sound like Justin Timberlake is not really a compliment….I want my own lane, I don’t want to be compared.”

Alright Bieber, calm down. Hollyscoop talked to Mojo on Friday who told us, “I don’t know if he misunderstood, but I more than once said ‘take it as a compliment.’”

Luckily, Mojo got the interview back on track…temporarily.

Bieber is pals with the boys of One Direction and since everyone knows that Harry Styles of 1D likes to date older women, Mojo jokingly asked Bieber if he’s afraid to let Harry near his mom.

Bieber paused and then cracked, “No, but you should worry about me and your mom.”

And then things got awkward when Mojo told the pop prince, “Justin, my mom's dead, so unfortunately it wouldn’t work.”

And then Justin hangs up the phone! After Mojo dropped the bomb about his mom, there was just silence on the other end.

Anyways, we think Bieber is being a diva, what do you think?