Matt Lauer and Justin Bieber’s Twitter Bet

June 15, 2012 By:
Matt Lauer and Justin Bieber’s Twitter Bet

Justin Bieber is King of Twitter. He’s got 23,365,341 followers and is second only to Lady Gaga in terms of highest number of Twitter followers.

This morning, TODAY show host Matt Lauer finally joined Twitter and like any novice he turned to the help of an expert, in walks Justin Bieber.

During Justin’s appearance on the morning show, he took over Lauer’s brand new Twitter account, making Lauer’s first ever tweet say,

“Hello. Everyone go buy Justin Bieber’s album #believe coming out June 19th.”

Aside from the shameless self-promotion, Lauer and Bieber placed a Twitter bet. If Bieber could re-tweet Lauer and get Lauer’s Twitter account to 750,000 followers by Tuesday, the TODAY show social media manager would go streaking in the office.

“Can @MLauer reach 750,000 followers by Tuesday? If so, @Rozzy will streak.”

Not that we want that to happen, it would be a pretty damn funny morning news show. I can read the headlines now, "Today Show Staffer Goes Streaking Thanks To Justin Bieber." Wait, what?

However, thanks to Bieber’s insane Twitter fandom, Lauer has already gotten 95,583 followers in just a couple hours. And Lauer isn’t following anyone!

Lauer is gaining approximately 500 followers per minute! And most Bieber fans have no idea who Matt Lauer even is!

Bieber didn’t even give Lauer a glorious shout-out he simply wrote, “Everyone follow my man @MLauer.”

And that’s all it takes to get followers when you are Twitter besties with the prince of pop.