Mariah Yeater's 'Real' Baby Daddy Was Arrested For Burglary

November 28, 2011 By:
Mariah Yeater's 'Real' Baby Daddy Was Arrested For Burglary

If this baby ever gets famous, it's going to have the most interesting Wikipedia page ever.

Robbie Powell, the guy who is reportedly the "real father" of Mariah Yeater's baby (as opposed to Justin Bieber) has been arrested.

Over the weekend in San Diego, Robbie was busted for drug and burglary charges. At 11:41 pm on November 26, the 23 year-old was charged with four felonies, one misdemeanor (possession of methamphetamines), possession of drug paraphernalia, and three charges of commercial burglary. No wonder this chick is trying to find a different father for her kid.

Robbie isn't eligible for release and is currently being held in the San Diego Central Jail with a combined bail amount of $7,000.

According to sources, Robbie says that Yeater made up her claim about Justin Bieber being the father of her child, and he plans to talk to the media, but is shopping his options right now. This is what happens when people like this don't get picked for Teen Mom.

Yeater stands by her original claim that Justin Bieber lost his virginity to her in a bathroom stall and then went on to impregnate her. Her lawyer, Jeffrew Leving, says they hope to settle with Justin's camp out of court:

"My goal is that when the DNA test is completed, which I believe it will goal is to keep everything confidential so the results will remain confidential,” he said.

Translate: Oh dear god why did I take on this case I don’t want to lose my license.

Bieber took a DNA test on November 18 in New Jersey, but Mariah and her team are trying to get a new test because they want to be involved to make sure the results are accurate. Leving says he would like the test to be videotaped from collection to transportation. It would also make great B footage for Never Say Never 2

"Chain of custody. Watching it with my own eyes, I'd feel safe,” Leving said. "This case is unique in terms of media interest, celebrity and the amount of potential child support at issue. There could be motives on the parts of many different people to corrupt the evidence."

Bieber appeared on The View last Wednesday to promote his Christmas album. And while baby daddy drama is probably the worst way to promote a Christmas album, Bieber's been getting a lot of attention for it. He told the ladies of The View:

"I just wanted everything to be out in the open, and be like, 'Listen, there's no reason for this to be a discussion."