Mariah Yeater's Paternity Suit Against Justin Bieber Back ON

November 16, 2011 By:
Mariah Yeater's Paternity Suit Against Justin Bieber Back ON

Yep, after reports surfaced that Justin Bieber’s alleged baby momma Mariah Yeater had pulled the cord on the paternity suit after her lawyers backed out of her case, Yeater’s new lawyer says that’s completely untrue and the paternity suit is still on.

I guess that’s okay, because “Justin Bieber Baby Momma Drama” is a really fun tongue twister!

Justin Bieber had agreed to take the paternity test, but said that once the results proved that he wasn’t the father he was going to sue Mariah Yeater for all she’s worth. That and her disastrous interview with “The Insider” fueled rumors that she gave up the cause.

However, Yeater has a new lawyer now, Jeffrey Leving who is a Chicago based paternity lawyer and says her legal team is still on board for the confidential DNA test to take place with Justin Bieber.

“I did not step down and there is a legal team,” according to Leving. “It’s a new legal team. In light of death threats against my client, strategies have been reviewed…the San Diego team has been replaced by John Carison from Los Angeles. The case is completely out of control and I don’t want something terrible to happen to my client or her child.”

And by “completely out of control” he’s of course referring indirectly to Mariah Yeater. Do we actually believe that Justin Bieber is the father or her child? Probably not. So what is she after? Hush money? Probably.

“She believes Justin Bieber is the father,” insists Leving. The sad thing is, at the end of the day, what self-respecting 20-year-old women would ever want anyone to know that she had sex with Justin Bieber? If you’re going to target a celebrity... was Ryan Gosling not an option? Like, if you’re gonna lie about sleeping with someone famous, go big, I guess.

Plans for the DNA test with Bieber will still happen, but according to Leving, the results will remain confidential.

“My goal is that when the DNA test is completed, which I believe it will be…my goal is to keep everything confidential so the results remain confidential.”

Booo. What good is that? It’s ok, TMZ will find a way to peep into the DNA results. I think they dig thru trash sometimes.

However, when Yeater appeared on The Insider last week, the show confronted her that on the night she claimed “the incident” happened, that Justin’s dressing room was full of friends and family and when asked how they were supposedly “alone” she replied “No comment” and at one point stormed off the set crying.

It’s too bad she’s 20, if she wasn’t so old she could totally get her crazy fix out of the way by appearing on “16 & Pregnant.”