Mariah Yeater Drops Paternity Suit Against Justin Bieber

November 16, 2011 By:
Mariah Yeater Drops Paternity Suit Against Justin Bieber

So one of two things happened: The real father came back to git his dang ol'ed baby, or she's scared Beliebers really are going to kill her.

Mariah Yeater, the woman who held steadfast by her claims that Justin Bieber was the father of her child, dismissed her paternity lawsuit against the singer.

Somehow, the suit was dismissed quietly under the radar last week. Yeater's lawyers, Lance Rogers and Matt Pare, have bailed on her. Yes, they both withdrew from the case. I'm guessing Bieber's lawyers asked to use Yeater's crazy Facebook photo as evidence in his defense, and her lawyers said, "we're f-cked."

Justin Bieber planned to take a DNA test when he returned to the U.S., and was also planning to sue Yeater and her lawyers for making the claim. Justin's lawyer, Howard Weitzman, called Yeater's attorneys and warned them that a lawuit would be forthcoming.

It was only last week that Rogers was saying, "We are encouraged that Justin Bieber will voluntarily take the paternity test. That is the only way to definitively determine who the father is. The paternity suit was filed in good faith and it will continue despite the threats."

In other Bieber news, the young singer was spotted in London last night, having dinner with a chick that wasn't Selena Gomez. When paparazzi began snapping photos of Bieber, he responded by giving them the middle finger. Although, he's Canadian, so that probably means I love you or something.

Justin's been hanging out and working in London, and he revealed that he collaborated with British singer Tinie Tempah on his track Drummer Boy. Bieber Tweeted:

"Shooting this ITV Special for #UnderTheMistletoe here in London and u know I had to bring my guy @TinieTempah thru 4 a UK REMIX! #DrummerBoy (sic)."

Meanwhile, one of Justin Bieber's acoustic guitars went up for auction on Wednesday to benefit a food bank in Winnipeg. That's in Canada, in case you're not good at maps.

Beiber's autograph is signed on the lower body of the guitar, and it comes with a certificate of authenticity.

And Belieber or not, there's no denying Justin Bieber does a lot for charity. The 17 year-old launched a huge fundraising effort called "The Believe Charity Drive" in conjunction with his new album Under the Mistletoe, and a portion of the album's profits will go to charity.

In tougher times, Bieber would visit a local food bank during the holidays.

"I was less fortunate. I didn’t get to have a lot, so we used to go there," Justin said. "I didn’t even know my mom used to do it."