Justin Who? Vanessa Hudgens All Smiles With Austin Butler

May 21, 2012 By:
Justin Who? Vanessa Hudgens All Smiles With Austin Butler

Don’t cry for Vanessa. Things are looking pretty good on her end.

Despite all the drama on Justin Bieber’s end with Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens seems content with her new man Austin Butler. The couple was spotted roaming around the Renaissance Festival in Los Angeles on May 20.

The Sucker Punch actress and her man strolled the event, chained at the hand. Hudgens wore a light floral dress, sandals, and shades on the hot day.

She smiled wide the whole time, evidently still thrilled with Butler.

This isn’t the first time they were caught on camera. The couple made headlines in January when they were caught kissing in the clear blue waters on Hawaii on a vacation.

Trouble in Paradise for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Back on the Bieber front, things don’t appear to be going quite as smoothly with his girlfriend Selena Gomez. All clues lead to a breakup. Let’s play detective for a second…

First came the tweet from the 18-year-old boy with a man-sized bank account.

“Thank you for the time I had with you but I have to move on now…” he allegedly wrote..

Then of course there were Selena’s pics on the shooting range with the caption “released some stress today,” which raised questions about why she was stressed in the first place.

It all got a little more suspicious when Bieber showed up to the Billboard Awards with another girl and – doh! – forgot to thank her in an acceptance speak. Now Selena’s quoting melodramatic songs on Twitter. It’s all getting out of hand!!!

Clues that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Might Be Over

Of course… this could all just be a major misunderstanding and a result of us reading into things. In any case, it doesn’t look like Biebs and Vanessa will be getting back together any time soon. And Vanessa seems pretty okay with that.

If only Bieber didn’t have millions of girls throwing themselves at him every second, I could almost feel bad for him.