Justin Bieber's Worldwide Wreckage

December 11, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber's Worldwide Wreckage
Image By: Hollyscoop

Justin Bieber has graduated from plucky child star, to gangly teen heartthrob, to some douchebag that bought weed from you that one time.

Even though Justin is touring the world for his Believe tour, the one he’s essentially been on for five years straight, he takes breaks every once in a while to wreak havoc on unsuspecting countries. Whether he’s terrorizing the hookers in Brazil or abandoning monkeys in Germany, Bieber's a worldwide menace.

The only place that is safe from Bieber’s wreckage, so far, is Africa. For now.

Vegas: Bieber stole a bike from a security guard and got scolded for it.

LA: Bieber threw outrageous parties at his Calabasas crib so loud, the cops had to come three times. Also, he spat in his neighbor's face and drag raced around the neighborhood.

NYC: Bieber pissed in a bucket and cussed out a poster of Bill Clinton.

Argentina: Bieber wiped the sweat off the stage with the flag of Argentina during a performance. Really, dude?

Colombia: Bieber tagged buildings in Colombia with illegal graffiti and then fled the country.

Brazil: Bieber hooked up with a hooker who ratted him out in a Youtube video.

Germany: Bieber adopted a pet monkey and them left it behind when he couldn't get it through German customs.

London: Bieber punched out a paparazzi and yelled, “I’ll f*cking beat the f*ck out of you!”

Poland: Bieber walked through a freezing cold airport shirtless, just cuz.

Austria: Bieber is banned from a nightclub in Austria after his bodyguard smashed a bunch of fans' phones.

China: Bieber’s bodyguard carried him on his shoulders across the Great Wall of China because Bieber sucks.

Australia: Bieber created graffiti “art” on more buildings and got bitched out by the mayor of Brisbane who called Justin a “pop princess.”