Justin Bieber's Topless Twitpic

November 6, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber's Topless Twitpic

What do you want to hear first? Justin Bieber without his shirt on? Or some crazy straight dude that asked Justin to prom!?

Shirtless it is!

Bieber is still skinny as ever but wanted to show off what 0% body fat looks like, so he posted a shirtless picture to Twitter.

In the photo he is flexing so hard and one of his back-up dancers is hiding behind him and giving one of those “wuddup” gestures.

Bieber captioned the photo, “Me and @nickdemoura dance rehearsal get ready #watchout.”

Just two dudes hanging out with their shirts off waiting for dance class to begin. Just some pretty hetero stuff, nothing to see here.

Speaking of pretty hetero stuff, Justin Bieber’s biggest MALE fan finally met the Biebs.

This high-school kid named Leon Purvis asked Bieber to go to prom with him nearly two years ago, and not in a “date” way, but in a Bro way, just two friends going to prom together.

Bieber never responded to the kid’s request but then finally on November 4th at Bieber’s concert in Philadelphia, Leon and Bieber, like two star crossed lovers, finally met!

See the photo at Justin Bieber Zone.

After the momentous occasion, Leon tweeted and the Biebs responded.

Leon even made shirts for the concert that said, “Yes, I asked Justin Bieber to Prom!”

Watch his original Prom request below.