Justin Bieber's Shoes Go Up for Auction

March 4, 2011 By:
Justin Bieber's Shoes Go Up for Auction

Want to walk a mile in Justin Bieber's shoes? You can--for the right price.

After Justin's hair sold for over $40K on eBay last week he's donated an old pair of his shoes to his former High School so they can sell it and build a new broadcasting and communications studio at the school.

It's crazy that an old Bieber shoe can build a new studio. At the rate he's going he can clean out his closet and pay off the national debt.

JB autographed a pair of purple Nikes to Stratford Northwestern Secondary School in Ontario, Canada, where he attended before he became a zillionaire.

The right shoe went up for auction on eBay on Monday and the other shoe will be auctioned at a later date. What a smelly auction.

The smelly shoe (just one) is already at $675 with 6 days to go. Start saving your allowance.