Justin Bieber's "Personal" Computer and Camera Stolen

October 10, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber's

Poor baby, baby, baby, ohhhhh…

Justin Bieber, Canadian ambassador of tweenage pop music, was performing in Washington yesterday when he and his tour manager fell victim to some 21st century thieves. Ugh, unnamed assailants infiltrating his privacy in such a vile manner. How rude! This is enough to make me Justin Bieber (throw up).

Apparently the northwest leg of the Biebs’ Believe tour did not go as planned when this alleged crime cracked the inner circle of his security and crew.

Clearly Justin’s smart phone wasn’t swiped by some sticky fingers based on a handful of tweets the 18-year-old sent out announcing the bad news:

There’s that suspicious phrase—“personal footage”—used two times and “a lot of it” and it has our minds spinning on what and HOW sensitive that material could be. Like, “sex tape sensitive” or “chillin’ with my celebrity pals on the road and engaging in non-politically correct pose sensitive”?

Of course, we doubt it’s the former, Justin would be crazy stupid to bring up his green light special moment if there were a possibility that something of that image shattering consequence were stolen. Though, the latter is more in the realm of possibility (see folder labeled “Miley Cyrus,” in file labeled “controversial Chinese eyes photo”)…

Either way, Biebergate is just getting started.