Justin Bieber's Alleged Baby Mama Remains Silent

November 22, 2011 By:
Justin Bieber's Alleged Baby Mama Remains Silent

After it's been more or less discovered that Mariah Yeater is full of it, the drama mama appears to be backing down.

Justin Bieber took Yeater's requested DNA test in New Jersey last Friday, and his team is waiting for Mariah to make the next move. She's supposed to come forward with her baby's DNA results. But, according to TMZ, neither Yeater nor her lawyers have made any attempt to contact Justin's team. They're probably busy adjusting to their new identities in the Witness Protection Program. Those Beliebers don't mess around.

Yeater's lawyers have steered clear of anyone from Justin's clamp, and sources close to Beiber don't think they'll come forward with the DNA results. It would only become ammunition in the inevitable lawsuit Justin plans to file against Yeater and her lawyers.

Meanwhile, the Biebs is taking a break from the paternity drama as he prepares for a live performance on the Today show on Wednesday. And if you thought Twi-hards were bad, Beliebers have been camping out in the bitter NYC cold since Monday. For example, 44 year-old mom, Holly Wickline, has braved the weather for a front-and-center spot at Bieber's concert.

"I’m running off pure adrenaline. I’m tired, cold and exhausted — and I still have a day to go," Wickline said. "Waiting has been a wild ride, especially with all these young girls in line who keeping saying they wish I was their mom.”

So uh, what's the deal with a middle aged woman camping out for Justin Bieber? She's actually hoping to make a difference with her charity site, Moms4Bieber.

"We want these young fans to help feed families during the holidays. Justin is very charitable too, and our site is an outlet for fans looking to follow in his footsteps and give back,” she said.

Right now, the site has "Bieber's Bread Basket," which encourages fans to donate to their local food banks. Holly is camping out with her 13 year-old daughter, 8 year-old son and husband since noon on Monday.

“I’ve never camped out for anyone before. I had a rough childhood and didn’t have parents to do anything like this with me. I’m happy to do this with my kids because they’ll be able to live off these memories and never forget this,” she says.

Bieber has stressed the importance of donating to food banks throughout his young career. He recently contributed $10,000 to the House of Blessing food bank in Stratford, Ontario, where he and his mother sometimes turned for help while he was growing up there.