Justin Bieber Will Go Naked For $25 Billion

August 3, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Will Go Naked For $25 Billion

It turns out everybody’s got a price, even Justin Bieber.

During an interview with BBC Radio 1’s Greg James, Justin broke down what it would take for him to strip down on stage, a la Jim Morrison. Break out your piggy banks kids, that number is a whopping $25 billion.

The radio conversation started out like a normal interview, beginning with talk about Justin’s film Never Say Never. But, after exhausting the topics of making it in the business, ladies, Twitter, family, and friends, the two got silly and the moved on to hypothetical business exchanges.

“How much will I have to pay you to go around to my mom and dad’s house and cook dinner?” James asked. “Just you and my mom and dad.”

Playing along, Justin replied, “A solid mil.”

Then they worked their way to running on stage naked. Though Justin initially resisted the topic, saying it would never happen, Greg wore him down. Here’s how the conversation went down…

Greg: How much do I have to pay you to run on stage completely naked on stage?

Justin: there’s no money that can make me do that.

Greg: 50 million?

Justin: No!

Greg: 100 million?

Justin: No!

Greg: 1 billion?
Justin: No!

Greg: 25 billion?

Justin: 25 billion.. Maybe yeah..

$25 billion, people! Now, that may seem like a massive amount of cha-ching, but let’s think about this for a minute…

Justin has over 26 million followers on Twitter, many – if not all of them – would certainly be willing to drop $25 bil for Justin in the buff if they had it. If each of them raised and donated just $950,000, the total would be pretty close to Justin’s asking price… I smell a Kickstarter!

Now if only we could get Selena on board.