Justin Bieber Was Bullied, Too!

April 13, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Was Bullied, Too!

When? Because Justin Bieber was basically an infant when Usher found him floating in a wicker basket in the Nile. Or on YouTube, whatever. Ever since then, the world has basically united to tell this kid how awesome he is.

“I was bullied,” the 18 year-old singer said. “Most people in their lifetime have been at some point. I think it’s about time that people start making a change.”
A lot of celebs have been jumping on the anti-bullying bandwagon when a gay teen committed suicide last year, after being mercilessly and horribly bullied by his peers.

Not to make light of that situation, but there’s a difference between bullying people over something like that and then bullying people because they, oh, I don’t know, really like Smashmouth. Let’s face it—when I saw them on their Astro Lounge tour, I had it coming.

“A lot of the time, principals let it go, teachers let it go, other students just let it go,” Bieber said.

He urges others to speak up about it:
“If you’re a bystander, too, tell somebody, because a lot of times, it’s just not spoken of, and you ended up keeping it all inside. And it just hurts even more.”
I’m gonna go ahead and take that advice and call out all the Beliebers who threatened to kill Esperanza Spalding. If threatening someone with death isn’t bullying, then I don’t know what is.

Bieber supports the documentary Bully, which documents stories of bullying across the country.
“I think [Bully] is really powerful and can help change a lot of lives,” Bieber said.