Justin Bieber Wants You in His Movie

August 27, 2010 By:
Justin Bieber Wants You in His Movie

The Biebs' career is on fire right now and he's ready to spread the love with his fans. Not in that way. Dirty birds.

Justin Bieber wants to give his fans a chance at their own 15 minutes by starring in his upcoming movie.

Biebs is set to star in his own 3D movie memoir, which will document his stellar rise to fame and include concert scenes.

And he's giving his fans the chance to appear in the film by asking them to submit videos of themselves singing along to one of his hits.

The movie will reportedly feature a collage of fan footage set to his tracks "That Should be Me" and "U Smile." The film is due in theatres in February 2011 so pick up that video camera and start singing!