Justin Bieber Visits Israel, Disses Paparazzi

April 12, 2011 By:
Justin Bieber Visits Israel, Disses Paparazzi

Indicating a sign of the Apocalypse, Justin Bieber showed up in Israel
yesterday. Biebs planned to meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and take
a tour of Tel Aviv before he performs on Thursday.

But, giving Hamas a run for their money, the paparazzi bombarded the young
singer, causing him to take his anger out via Twitter:

"You would think paparazzi would have some respect in holy places. All I
wanted was the chance to walk where jesus did here in isreal [sic]."

I think it’s cute that Bieber wants to visit the places he heard about in
his Veggie Tales DVD, but I really don’t think anyone takes his anger
seriously. Even when he gave photographers the bird, people reacted the way
they do when a toddler learns a curse word. It’s just cute!

“Take pictures of me eating but not in a place of prayer, ridiculous ...
People wait their whole lives for opportunities like this, why would they
want to take that experience away from someone."