Justin Bieber Urges ‘SNL’ to Bash Him

January 9, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber Urges ‘SNL’ to Bash Him
Image By: wenn.com

Bieber is about to get burned…

The man-boy who has been subject to a great deal of media and tween parent scrutiny lately is about to earn some new critics: the satirical and malicious minds inside Studio 8H.

Justin Bieber has reportedly told the forces behind NBC’s long-running late night sketch comedy series, “Saturday Night Light,” to go all out in making fun of him during his upcoming appearance.

TMZ is reporting that sources within the halls at NBC are saying that Bieber has more or less said: “Please, please, please… Roast me like an overlooked chestnut on a Candian Christmas fire.”

The celebrity gossip site writes this:

“Justin's camp has declared NOTHING off-limits. To the contrary, our sources say Justin himself has told producers to push him as far as they want."

While some of you overprotective Beliebers out there may be wincing at the news, citing his not-so-shiny media streak as of late—ranging from the marijuana accusations to his up and down rollercoaster love spree with Selena Gomez—not to worry…

As TMZ notes, this is probably the best PR move Justin’s camp has made since his last trip to visit a sick fan in the hospital.

Both Alec Baldwin, a maestro at handling bad press, and Paris Hilton appeared at the height of their headline woes—Alec with the “Words With Friends” incident and Paris with her sex tape romp.

Justin will be handling the roles of both host and musical performer on the show, which appears to be a trend. “SNL” has also booked Adam Levine for double-duty on January 26.

Bieber, who appeared on the sketch show once before, is scheduled to return to comedy battleground on February 8.