Justin Bieber to Teen Girls: Leave Me Alone!

October 8, 2010 By:
Justin Bieber to Teen Girls: Leave Me Alone!

Justin Bieber wants teen girls to leave him alone!!!

Ok, not the Justin Bieber—a 35-year-old man who happens to have the same name as the biggest teen Idol since Justin Timberlake.

The JB of Jacksonville Florida says he has been burdened with fan mail, calls and home visits from Bieber's biggest fans and was even kicked off Facebook for using a fake name.

Gasp! Not the Facebook!

He told the local ABC affiliate, "I guess their policy is ban first, ask questions never.”

Apparently not being able to Facebook has put a real damper on Bieber Senior. He says he’s tried to contact Facebook to get reinstated but has yet to be re-listed on the social networking site.

Bieber goes on to say he gets calls from musicians and fans at all hours of the day, and receives 50 messages every two hours and anywhere from two to 10 fan letters a day.

"Artists saying, 'I am going to be working with you this weekend.' I say, 'No, you're not, you don't want to sing with me,'" said Bieber.

He changed his phone number, but one fan site found his new number! He has been forced to unplug his telephone, hoping the calls will eventually stop.

"It's not so bad," he said. "It does not keep me awake at night, but I feel bad for little girls who want to send messages to their hero and it gets to this [points to himself]."

This is definitely grounds for a name change…stat!